Essentials of Neuromodulation

A Comprehensive Guide for Aesthetic Practitioners

04/30/2020 This project is currently in production. More updates to come.

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Essentials Of Neuromodulation Pre-sale

Essentials Of Neuromodulation Pre-sale


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This is not your basic neuromodulation book. Tara’s Neurotoxin manual, if you will, has been created with years of education from global aesthetic leaders. She handpicked the famous medical artist; Kevin Cease to create all of her anatomical pictures. Each picture will demonstrate layer by layer the injection anatomy of the facial planes.

This is not a cookie-cutter approach to neuromodulation application. Much of the information is assessment based on unique scenarios that you can not find in a basic clinical application book or course. Within the beautifully bound pages, you will find pharmacological information about the various FDA approved drugs, pictures of more than 20 different scenarios of patients at rest, in motion and where to place your products in each presentation. The reader will be stimulated for a greater quest for knowledge while reading this informative book.

This book will help you rise above the competition as it is all-encompassing from product selection to patient assessment, patient expectations down to the consents needed. The anticipation for launch is so very exciting. Tara’s approach to aesthetics and training will revolutionize the academic footing for the industry.


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