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A bit about my work


3D Modeling


All work currently begins with a complete 3D model built out from skull to skin before moving to the next stages. All 3D models are original work, hand-sculpted and created in 3D software by myself. 

I never use pre-made models. I am not interested in purchasing other anatomical models and using them to take shortcuts. It's cheap and I am not happy with any of them. I would also be limiting my ability to grow as an artist and a facial anatomist. The truth is, none of the available models out there communicate what I want, nor what professionals are looking for. Proper vessel placement, muscle placement, fat pad, ligament, and septum placement with the aesthetic practitioner in mind.



3D Scanning

I have multiple options in the latest scanning technology, which allows me to capture small bones and objects, heads, bodies, faces, etc. with 0.05mm accuracy for reverse engineering, capturing, and creating the best possible work ready for animation and 3D illustration.

The 2D illustrated images you see me creating and sharing, as charts and posters all start as these rendered 3D images. They are then composited and touched up by hand with a digital paintbrush. Videos are ready to be made as well if desired, as all my models are fully topologized for animation. 


Animated Video Production

Videos start with a script which is developed from a rough draft to the final stage. I then make a storyboard for visualization and approval. The next steps include a timed animatic (or "textimatic" which has the timing and the script put together visually) which is approved before moving on to production. A voice over is recorded, and then a rough video is made for quick review. The final render is composited for effects, title screens, and music.

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