Examples of a model in production stages.

3D Scanning

Newly introduced Artec Eva metrology-grade scanning tech begins this August of 2019. 

I am pleased to announce I am now scanning human models to increase the realism of the face and also capture the unique qualities of different ages, sizes, races, and genders. I can also scan specific people if you would like your model to be a client or person you know. Bones and other items can be scanned if needed for other types of projects. Models are scanned in properly controlled lighting conditions and then cleaned up, retopologized, UV'd and textured with a series of high definition photos taken of the model for unbeatable results.

Allow me to introduce you to my beautiful wife, Ruthie Cease!

The scanning process takes less than ten minutes. I simply hold the equipment and do a single circle around the model being scanned. I then take about 8 HD photos and put them together to be used in the texturing process.

The model is then cleaned up in different software, where it is retopologized, textured and exported into a rendering program I use to create the results you see above.

The 2D illustrated images you see me creating and sharing, as charts and posters all start as these rendered 3D images. They are then touched up by hand with a digital paintbrush. Videos are ready to be made as well if desired, as all my models are fully topologized for animation. 


Animated Video Production

Videos start with a script which is developed from a rough draft to the final stage. I then make a storyboard for visualization and approval. The next steps include a timed animatic (or "textimatic" which has the timing and the script put together visually) which is approved before moving on to production. A rough video is made for quick review, and then the final render is composited for effects, title screens, music and voice-over.

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