Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions I am asked frequently: 


Q: What is your availability?

A: Currently I am booked out an average of 8 months before my schedule is able to open up for any new projects. If you would like to work with me I highly recommend not waiting to reach out. Typically I give an estimate, and then require a deposit (10%) to hold the start date on the calendar. I am looking for passionate, dedicated professional clients who are interested in investing in medium to large scale projects. 

Q: Can you make a head of someone specific?


A: Yes actually, now that I am using high tech scanning equipment, I could even fly to your location and scan whomever you'd like, and then I use that to make the animation/images/etc.


Q: Can you make an illustration for my clinic to hang on our wall?

A: Currently I only offer larger packaged deals for clients who are interested in making a return on their investment for training, educational, or promotional material. Being that my process starts with lots of 3D modeling and other technical steps like scanning, it would not make sense to pay for all that to end up with only one image.

Q: How do I license an image you've already done?

A: I do not currently license images. Part of what I do is give all the rights to my final work to the client to do with it what they wish. This means the client owns the copyright, and I no longer have control. When you see a company name on my work, it means I made it for them and it is now theirs. All clients contractually agree to only release the final work online with their watermark to protect the work from being stolen, edited or altered. This protects both parties and the value of the work. 

Q: Can you remove the watermark and/or company name and put mine on?

A: Absolutely not.


Q: Do you have any posters for sale?


A: Not at this time. I would have to have the time to make my own personal work to sell as a poster and since I am booked out so far with clients, its very hard to make that happen while also having time for family, furthering my education, etc. I am hoping to have created a space in my schedule at the end of 2019 to put together some new charts and posters of my own personal work. I recommend subscribing to my email list on my website to find out when they are released.


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