Anatomy of vessels and muscles

This project was made with the intention of education while adding artistic style for this injector practitioners office wall. Printed in 17x20 framed, part of a series. 

Tags for muscles: Botox, anatomy, injection, injector practitioner, muscles, arteries, veins, female, face, skin, fat pads, illustration, mentalis, modiolus, risorius, platysma, depressor anguli oris, masseter, zygomaticus major, nasalis, orbicularis oris, zygomaticus minor, depressor supercilli, corrugator supercilli, procerus, frontalis, temporalis, orbicularis oculi, levator labii superioris alaeque nasi, levator labii superioris muscle.

tags for vessels: supraorbital artery, supratrochlear artery, dorsal nasal artery, transverse facial artery, septal branch artery, superior labial artery, inferior labial artery, infraorbital artery, angular artery, middle temporal artery, lateral nasal artery.