There are two kinds of people: Those that can feel potential and move on a powerful idea, and those that question from fear and need to be shown the final result.

When you learn this, it will effect who you decide to bring into your creative circle.


I have worn many hats, and enjoyed the challenges presented behind every one of them. Ok, maybe not all challenges, but most! I love problem solving artistic projects... from commercials, sketch comedy and live production, to medical illustration, 2D/3D animation, compositing, and modeling.


My background includes many types of production. I went to Academy of Art University for animation. I have and continue to study extensively with online schools such as Gnomon School of Visual Effects, School of Motion, Fly On the Wall studios, and many others. I believe we live in a time where most universities and private colleges are driving students into debt without providing a practical education in art and animation. There are now much better programs coming out with real mentors and teachers who work in the field, and they don't put students into financial enslavement for the rest of their life. I myself am always available to anyone who comes to me for advice of any kind, especially youth and aspiring artists who are trying to find their path in the art field.


If you are interested in working with me, don't hesitate to reach out. Please note my schedule is typically booked out pretty far in advance, so there is a level of commitment required when you decide it may be time to start a project with me, and a bit of urgency to initiate the conversation as to not miss my next window of availability.

In my free time, I enjoy weight lifting, gun training, spiritual retreats, and spending time with my family. 

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