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Medical illustrator/animator Producer

Kevin Cease

"There are two kinds of people: Those that can feel potential and move on a powerful idea, and those that question from fear and need to be shown the final result.

When you learn this, it will effect who you decide to bring into your creative circle."


Kevin Cease is the founder and owner of Kevin Cease Studios. Producing content for individuals and businesses has been a personal creative calling for over 20 years. As a hardworking businessman, husband, father, comedian, and artist, he thrives when helping others.


He began studying art and animation at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and over time, discovered his own personal niche in the medical industry. With the most up-to-date accuracy, Kevin is relied upon by Universities, Medical Centers, and Corporations around the Globe.

Mehmet Dal

Medical illustrator and animator


Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Mehmet Dal has been studying Human Anatomy for decades and graduated with high honors in Medical Imaging. From working in Emergency Medicine and specializing in MRI, his vast understanding of clinical anatomy is revealed through 3D models, visuals, and cinematic animations.


Mehmet has been published in top Surgical Medicine books, with emphasis on pharmacological animations. While Mehmet’s original work is seen around the world in the industry, much of it is copy written by others.

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