About me

Watch this clip taken from Aesthetic Mentor's Instagram live about how I ended up in this field.

"There are two kinds of people: Those that can feel potential and move on a powerful idea, and those that question from fear and need to be shown the final result.

When you learn this, it will effect who you decide to bring into your creative circle."


Kevin Cease has spent most of his life in different creative fields that center around creative video production and animation. Back in 2008, Kevin was producing sketch comedy for Comedy Central and producing live multi-day events on stage with all walks of life from the comedy industry.

Kevin later went on to design, marketing and branding, helping companies launch their business into success. One of Kevin's major skill is the ability to take a clients scattered content and focus it into simple multimedia projects for revenue.


Kevin later produced some anatomical work which went viral online, and organically opened a new pathway he chose to capitalize on. Kevin has spent the last five years working closely with others in the medical industry, including the largest pharmaceutical companies and best surgeons available. Kevin's sole focus now is combining all his skills to create online educational content for the aesthetics industry using the latest and best technology available. This includes 3D animation, scanning technology, digital illustration, and video production.

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